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MSB Suffolk Club Lambs
MSB Suffolk Club Lambs

We are extremely excited about the lambs we have on the ground and that we are still expecting. The Shroyer Ram, “Jack” really has stamped his babies with a big square hip and the rib shape we have been looking for. 

Please feel free to stop by anytime to study them.
Barns will open March 26th, call Melanie to set up a time to look for your next champion.  
Watch the site and like us on Facebook to watch for pictures.




Ram And Ewe Sale Entries - Sedalia, Missouri
These girls are the strongest set we have taken to Sedalia top to bottom. We also will be bring two yearling Suffolk Wether Dams that are worth stopping by the pens to check out. Ran out of time to get them pictured before we had to start packing. We believe Thin hided, Heavy muscled, Suffolk Wether sheep that handle hard, milk, and have length of side and hindsaddle never went out of style. If you want to add any of those traits to your flock, stop by and take a look. We look forward to seeing everyone in Sedalia.

MSB Sedalia Entries MSB Sedalia Entries MSB Sedalia Entries
MSB 7106
Feb. Suffolk Wether Dam
MSB 7047
Jan. Crossbred Wether Dam
MSB 7048
Jan. Suffolk Wether Dam



MSB Sedalia Entries MSB Sedalia Entries
MSB 7116
Feb. Crossbred Wether Dam
MSB 7156
March Crossbred Wether Dam





MSB Show Lambs Working Girls Ewe Lamb Sale 
April 23rd @




Please watch for us at the following sales:
Midwest Elite
March 24th & 25th - Indianapolis, IN

Spring Spectacular
New Castle, PA

WV Sheep Sale
Petersburg, WV

Midwest Stud Ram & Ewe Sale
Sedalia, MO

Premier Bred Ewe Sale
Louisville, KY

Market Lamb Mama Sale
Louisville, KY


MSB Suffolk Club Lambs
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