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MSB Suffolk Club Lambs
MSB Suffolk Club Lambs
Gold Coin

Sire: Gold Rush,   Tommy X 504 Nicewonger
Dam: Upgrade X Signature X Caesar
Purchased from Allison McGolden

We are excited to have Gold Coin working in the pastures this fall. When we saw him at the Midwest sale we where thinking, here is a piece we could use to continue the maternal strengths we have become known for. We are always impressed with the females that Allison and her father bring to the sales and it is our belief that Gold Coin represents those strengths. With my outside job, kids, football, music lessons ect our ewes have to produce and we are excited to see what he can do.





Sire - "Fat Lip" - Pucker Up x Miss Sexy
Dam - Mayhem X Guywires Full Sister 

We are excited to have "Chaos" in the barn.
He was the Reserve Champion Crossbred at the Mid West Elite for Johnson Family Show Lambs, WI. We love him from a composition standpoint. Super square and true to the ground we the pieces we believe are economically important.. Chaos possesses the lower one third, stifle and twist that is so hard to find today. He stands on adequate bone and foot size to be typey, yet not enough to contribute to lambing issues. In our hunt to add the good Hamp traits and leave behind the ones we don't, "Chaos" is a important next set. We look forward to his influence on our 2015 lamb crop.




Hill Country

Sire - Who Dat - Yates HCY 649
Dam - Yates HCY  281

We are excited about the acquisition of "Hill Country" He represents the next step in adding the trendy hamp traits to our flock. He is monster racked and has the depth of muscle in his lower 1/3 and a twist that is so hard to find today. He has great touch and does not give up any dimension to get the muscle shape that he carries. Hill Country is the wether sire we were looking for and we are excited to have him in the line-up. Look for his lambs next spring! 



Hill Country

Sire - A&E  Legend
Dam -
MSB 9-208

3125 Is our keeper out of the Legend ram. We were hoping that Legend would add the shag and good hamp traits to our ewe flock and Final Copy is the perfect blend of both worlds. Final Copy is explosive down his top and blown apart in all dimensions and exhibits the round rib design everyone is searching for. He still has length of top and touch and is flawless on his feet and legs. His dam's side is one of the strongest ewe families in the flock, that is can't miss in the lambing barn. We are excited about his prospects.



Sire - MSB 7-136 a son of Shell 635
Dam - MSB 7-24 A Daughter Of Shell 635

ACE is a double bred Shell 635 son that incorporates some of the best old school genetics of Brian Johnson, Larry Shell and Joe Harrell. We selected his sire Shell 635 off the farm to bring the big flat hip that he possessed to our flock and he stamps it!  ACE is carrying on that tradition. He is super complete and sires predictable traits of maternal milk, good mothering and great dispositions. His offspring or having him in the pedigree also ensures great hides, a natural hard handling muscle and a huge hip that gives them the successful showring look. The genetic lines that he possesses are disappearing and the traits they represent are harder to find. He is a huge piece of our flock and his daughters are rockstars.




Sire - Authentic
Dam - Composure


We are excited to announce the great Legend ram now resides in PA! Authentic and Composure bloodlines having been working in some of the premier flocks in the country and now will work for us. Legend has made his mark already and we look forward to offering show lambs out of him in the spring. Thanks to Clay Elliott and Donnie Begalka for offering him for sale.



McIlrath 10010 W
McIllrath 10010W

Sire - CFO (Ott) a son of VIP out of a Diesel Daughter
Dam - A Ted (Greiner) Daughter

This ram has power all through him, he possesses tremendous width of top, starting behind his shoulders and caring out to the tip of his dock. He is super flat hipped with muscle and bone to burn. This ram is super correct on his feet and legs and moves with a smooth easy stride. His pedigree is loaded with today's hot names and we look forward to his impact on next years lambs. Thank you to the McIlraths' for bringing such a complete ram to the sale.




Slack 5330
Sire - Slack 4190-3 A Total Blast son
Dam - Slack 9135IF Sired by Wattonville ram
D.O.B. 2/4/05
Registered Suffolk

A super stylish and long bodied ram. He throws a great rib and rack shape and will fill in the tops and deepen the loin. He is working great on the 3181F daughters.




Slack 3181

Slack 3181F
Sire - Slack 0415LB
Dam - Slack 9397-4aa
D.O.B. 1/20/03
Registered Suffolk

He consistently sires champions in the show lamb ring and breeding stock classes. His females are structurally correct, great mothers with excellent udder shape.





Shell 635
Sire - Shell 492 A Deal Breaker son
Dam - Shell 856 out of Johnson's Slammer
D.O.B. 2/14/06

We bought this lamb from Larry, at the farm in 2006. He possesses great top shape and a super square hip. His pedigree is loaded with Shell and Brian Johnson and his lambs really look great.




MSB Suffolk Club Lambs
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