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MSB Suffolk Club Lambs
MSB Suffolk Club Lambs

AI Sire Used

Sire: Dirty Banana
Dam: Bullet  x  Pistol 

We ventured into the AI business this year with great results. We have a set of ewes settled to Monkey Business for late December and we can't be more excited to see the results. Many thanks to Greg & Jamie Beatty for allowing use to use him and hosting the AI day.





Shroyer 164
Sire:  Ripper - Real Steel x Tonic
 Dam:Kool Aid - Picasso x  HotWire

We went to John's in February and sorted through the buck lambs and kept pulling out the Ripper sons. After a half day of evaluation and discussion we picked out "Jack" the Ripper son that just hit us hard. Super in his structure right to the ground with loads of shape and muscle to go with it. We bred him hard this fall and are really looking forward to his lambs hitting the ground.



Ellerbrock 2752
Reserve Champion Cross
2015 Midwest Stud Ram and Ewe Sale

Sire: Miller Y-34 ET Maker ET - Son of Master Copy 
Dam: Ellerbrock 11954 - Son of Glasscock 2-4D x Mass Destruction
Purchased from Ellerbrock Club Lambs
2752 was our pick of the strong Ellerbrock set of ram lambs. Super stout made and perfect from the ground up. His pedigree is loaded with Ellerbrock and Miller genetics and we look forward to seeing him at work in the pastures.



Wired Up
Wired Up
4-2014 RR/NN
Sire: Glasscocks, "Elite" - Triple Bred 4 D Large
Dam: Line bred Guywire/Hotwire 6 times

Bred by Clark & Stroble MO
Wired Up



MSB Suffolk Club Lambs
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